LR Podcast S2E36: 2021 in Review, Pt 1

At the end of 2020, we had high hopes that 2021 would be a darn sight better.  In some ways it was, but in many ways it wasn’t and often things went sideways. This podcast covers many of the major events of 2021.  We had the unfortunate events of January 6th that have been used to justify the marginalization and sometimes outright persecution of Republicans, conservatives, and just about anybody not willing to toe the leftist line. The war on free speech was in full swing in 2021, and the left and their allies used the opportunity to settle scores and take out the competition. Wokeness, the idea that supporting preferential treatment for some groups at the expense of others is a virtue. Companies continued to give in to the woke mob and preach divisive theories such as CRT. The backlash was big, and wokeness was rejected time and again in elections around the country. Inflation was and continues to be a big problem. In 2021, multi-trillion-dollar spending bills became a thing. 

Looking forward to next week, we’ll cover Critical Race Theory (CRT) in greater detail, as episodes and blog postins on that subject were by far the most popular.  We’ll also talk more about the debacle in Afghanistan and cover some basics of conservatism.  

To listen to the podcast episode, click here.

Until then, 

Stay happy, healthy, and Free!– JP Mac

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