LR Podcast, S2E11: You are not real to them

(c) 2022

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It’s like that cynical, old joke: “It’s all about mind over matter; they don’t mind, and you don’t matter.”

It may be a joke, but it’s apropos to the apparent mindset of the global elite as typified by the World Economic Forum (WEF).  The Green agenda, the Great Reset and other agendas being pursued by those self-appointed philosopher kings we refer to as the “global elite” are taking their toll on ordinary people around the world. Dutch farmers are being told that nearly a third of their cattle need to go, and that they cannot use nitrogen-based fertilizers at the levels currently sustaining their crops.  The Sri Lankans were convinced to take on unsustainable debts to improve their social programs and to trade in tried-and-true farming principles to go 100% organic.  Listening to the advice of the globalists cost them their economy and their country. Farmers there, and in the Netherlands, as well as other countries are being told to forget what they have learned from centuries of farming to maximize food production in the face of a global food shortage and pursue suicidal polices prescribed to them by an international oligarchy of bankers and industrialists. In the United States, the war on fossil fuels was dealt a brief setback with the Supreme Court ruling that the EPA does not have carte blanche when it comes to regulating the U.S. energy industry.  Still, parts of the country are being warned to cut down on air conditioner usage for fear of brownouts. It’s not that there’s not enough energy under the ground, it’s that the darlings of the green movement, wind and solar are woefully inadequate when it comes to U.S. energy needs.

People are going hungry in Sri Lanka.  Farmers in the Netherlands will be driven out of business.  Europeans will freeze and Americans will sweat.  Because their governments have decided to chase good ESG scores, instead of following best farming practices, people will go hungry and perhaps even starve this winter. Europeans if they don’t go hungry, face the real possibility of freezing this winter, again because of short sighted whims of Eco-fascists.  According to, Sri Lanka had a near-perfect 98.1 ESG score, suggesting in was following the globalists’ plan to a tee. The Netherlands boasts a lusty 90.7 score.  Part of that score we can safely assume, is due to their commitment to lower nitrogen usage, best farm practices be damned. The Dutch government’s slavish devotion to leftist environmental policies continues in the face of a world-wide food shortage.  That same environmental left in the U.S. Has convinced the Biden administration to continue its war on fossil fuels, despite energy costs skyrocketing adding to an already bad inflation problem.  People all across the globe will suffer.  Most of them, needlessly.  

So, why are so many made to suffer for so little benefit to them? There are many reasons for sure– foolish belief in Utopian schemes, lust for power, and greed on the part of the global elites.  These people who occupy the top rungs of industry, academia, and politics are insulated from the effects of their questionable economic and environmental theories. They are not affected by inflation.  They themselves will feel neither cold, heat, nor hunger in any amount that might make them uncomfortable. They are, in short, not us. They have the luxury of operating in a world of economic and environmental theory, they are not part of the real world, the world the rest of us plebs inhabit.  To them, we are but statistics, numbers on a spreadsheet.

Referenced in podcast:

Global Opposition to ‘Green’ Policies Turning Violent by Bob Barr, 7/13/22

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Stay happy, healthy, and free!

JP Mac

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