Are we being made to suffer intentionally?

Now we’re the ones being hammered.

How the Left benefits from suffering.

Nowadays, the challenges Americans are facing are myriad and are on many fronts. Most of the suffering we are made to endure is by design. The pain felt by the average American– the high cost of household items, energy, gas, etc., is a pain not shared by the collectivist elites whose policies caused these problems. Our need to be free, to control our own destinies is in conflict with the elites’ need for evermore power. Our loss is their gain. Here are some examples…

  • Inflation
    • The Biden administration has approved trillions in new spending. Much of that went towards the Green New Deal. Inflation is the price we all pay for him to pay off his political allies and buy votes.
  • High cost of tuition
    • Leftist professors have indoctrinated generations of young adults into the Leftist ideology. Many of those young people act as the foot-soldiers for Marxist causes. Higher education is basically a scam, it over promises and under delivers when it comes to providing education that is actually useful. Tuition forgiveness is the latest way to keep the conveyor belt of malleable minds going through these leftist indoctrination camps we call universities.
    • The artificial buying power that loans and grants afford the middle and lower classes make Big Education immune to the same market forces that keeps the prices of other goods and services in check. If the market can bear an inflated price, the Universities can charge an inflated price.
  • High cost of energy.
    • A lot of our energy is produced in red and purple states. A prime goal of the Democrats is to suffocate them, hurt them and punish them. By artificially choking off our supply of fossil fuels through over regulation, the idea to raise the cost of fossil fuel energy so high, that the cost of wind and solar looks good by comparison. They are trying to make alternative energy sources more viable, not by reducing the cost, but by raising the cost of traditional sources.
    • Federal subsidies for wind and solar make the average person dependent upon them while enriching the producers. More subsidies mean more control over both producers and consumers.
  • High cost of gas.
    • As with the cost of electricity for our homes and businesses, the idea is to make high-cost electric vehicles more economically viable by driving up the cost of both gas- and gas-powered vehicles.
    • For Americans, driving means freedom. The ability to just pick up, and leave town almost at a whim, either for business or pleasure promotes independent thought and action. This is antithetical to the leftist way. For the socialists and other collectivists, travel outside of one’s hometown is a privilege, not a right.
  • Vaccine and mask mandates
    • The makers of vaccines make money off of every does that goes into someone’s arm. The more arms that can be made, by force, if necessary, to get the jab, the more money they make. So, of course Big Pharma would like there to be a law mandating that every man, woman and child be inoculated.
    • Only certain types of masks do much of anything to control the spread of disease. All types of masks, even crappy cloth masks and even bandannas are metrics by which those in authority can gauge the public’s willingness to give up their liberties. Masks, whatever else they do, or don’t do, are a physical symbol of submission.
    • Mask and vaccine mandates don’t really appeal to libertarians, free-thinkers, and Constitutional conservatives. Cutting these people, as much as possible, out of society, keeping them from making a living diminishes those groups. It’s just as just as well to the elite, since those groups don’t tend to vote Democrat. (…and therefore, have no value) The left seeks to marginalize anybody who might resist or impede their political efforts. It’s also a good way to weed these troublemakers out of institutions that provide the state with its power, namely law enforcement and the military.
  • High crime and lawlessness
    • Many on the left actually believe in their racist dogma, what they mistakenly refer to as “anti-racism”. This misguided belief system suggests that people of color are oppressed by the majority (read: white and/or male) in law enforcement. Their flawed objective is to keep members of minorities out of jail, rather that reducing crime. It’s a puzzling policy, since most of the victims of violent crime tend to be minorities.
    • Again, defunding the police, allowing criminals to go free, decriminalizing things like shoplifting are puzzling polices. Perhaps the idea is that less criminal prosecution means less ex-felons, which means more eligible voters in the target demographics? Seems an especially pernicious and destructive way to enlarge your voter base if that’s the case.
    • This is a classic example of politicians creating a problem so that they can solve it. The “solution” would be to establish a federal police force which the Democrats would love to be in control of. That’s Constitutionally dubious– so failing that, their aim is to make state and local governments so dependent on federal dollars, that they’ll have much of that same control.

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